Shireen Kadhim is a Artist and Skincare specialist born and raised in London, British with a Iraqi heritage.

Starting off by studying different mediums of Art over 15 years ago, Shireen was quick to take her unique creative style to the beauty world. In 2013 she worked as a skincare specialist and self taught makeup artist. She quickly worked her way up and proceeded to enter the music industry, bringing new life and creativity to all projects she worked on. Ultimately making a name for herself as a creative and innovative makeup artist.


She has a diverse portfolio, having worked in film and TV incl. Channel 4 News, CNN, Just Eat X Premier League and many Youtube channels. She has also been published in many magazines. Just this year, Shireen’s work featured in Vogue Italia, 1883, Glamcult, Viper, Revvs and Equate to name a few. Also recently worked on projects for Todds, Sega x Teken.


She has also become founder and Creative Director at @bigmadproductions in 2020, she has taken her own style too help other brands and artists. A lot of work you see on her website has been curated by Shireen and her team.


Being of Iraqi heritage and growing up among different cultures, she has also managed to merge her creative passion with her passion for social mobility and change, working with many journalists and groups such as Muslimsisterhood, and working on many shoots empowering black men and women. Also challenging male masculinity, which have been pivotal and controversial topics in our society. Choosing to give her time to projects that she finds personally empowering, Shireen wants to create a environment that will inspire others by her art to encourage positive change and cultural awareness for this generation and the next.

Shireen’s overarching beauty ethos is about making her clients feel great about themselves, adding sparks of joy with her art in order to inspire sparks of joy within her clients! She cares about the products and brands she uses, tailoring her approach to suit each individual client best, whether it’s a music video or a birthday. Her vast beauty knowledge means you will be taken care of from start to finish by an artist who always seeks to deliver with integrity and above expectations. 

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